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Put simply...

Blocking or trying to block an opponent by "slashing" with the stick.

From the book:

Rule 78. Slashing

    a. A minor or major penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, shall be imposed on any player who impedes or seeks to impede the progress of an opponent by slashing with his stick.

    b. A major and a game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player who injures an opponent by slashing. In addition, a fine of one hundred dollars ($100) shall be imposed for each major penalty assessed under this rule.

      Referees should penalize as "slashing" any player who swings his stick at any opposing player (whether in or out of range) without actually striking him or where a player, on the pretext of playing the puck, makes a wild swing at the puck with the object of intimidating an opponent.

    c. Any player who swings his stick at another player in the course of an altercation shall be subject to a fine of not less than two hundred dollars ($200), with or without suspension, to be imposed by the Commissioner.

      The Referee shall impose the normal appropriate penalty provided in the other sections of this rule and shall, in addition, report promptly to the Commissioner all infractions under this section.

Official Descriptions
A chopping motion with the edge of one hand across the opposite forearm.

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